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The human
behind the posts

I've always been exactly who I am today. Free-spirited, free-thinking, opinionated and open-minded. You hear that and think I must have been a rebel growing up, right? Not at all!! In fact, for years I did all the things I was supposed to do in the exact way I was expected to do them. I never wanted to bring too much attention to how different I was for my age and race. For that reason; I joined all the clubs, worked part-time through high school and went off to college - just like everyone else.

After becoming a mother in 2012 I still did it all by the books. I went back home to be close to a support system, worked 2 jobs to provide for my son, and enjoyed moments at home when I was able to. However normal that sounds; at some point it all just seemed so...



As a mentor I have never subscribed to the idea of settling for the sake of motherhood. But there I was with a 4 year old feeling like I was drowning. I began to ask myself if this was all I had to look forward to; working a job I didn't like to wake up for just to come home and be so irritated I couldn't show my baby how happy I was to see him. 

Where was the young woman who loved to travel and move around? She didn't sacrifice and settle for the sake of her kid but she did, somehow along the way, SETTLE INTO traditional motherhood.  She'd involuntarily allowed pieces of herself to slip away while settling into a 'normalcy' she never wanted.

I needed to wake up! I needed to reconnect to myself and get back to my creative space. Luckily, in retrospect, a severe 2 year long thyroid induced depression would do just that! From there I went on a journey to heal myself from the inside.

I began my yoga practice and took up running.

I adopted a vegan diet.

I became a lifestyle and wellness coach.

I became a certified yoga instructor.

I became a doula.

Almost Vegan Po'Girl (the person) was born during this time. I was able to create a better place to be within myself and was ready to show it outwardly. I knew I wanted to live healthy and be true to myself. Knowing traveling was apart of my soul; I could no longer stay stuck. I put a 6 month plan in place to get out.


When the time came I moved our furniture into storage, packed up my son, stuffed the car and relocated. Since 2019 we have spent time in Costa Rica, Mexico, the Bahamas, Virginia Beach, New Mexico, Texas, and our 2 home bases (Atlanta and New Orleans) as both wanderers and nomads. We are on our 2nd grounding move (relocation time of over 6+ months) since July 2019.

Now for the good stuff 

I am the owner of 3 business brands and 1 blog brand:

Odyssey Prana Asana

which offers yoga and doula services with the goal of reaching underserved and underrepresented communities.

Odyssey Lifestyle Wellness Group

which is a multi-program platform offering lifestyle changing one-on-one and group coaching and mentorship.

Brown Bodied Wanderers

which is a travel advocacy group and travel agency aimed at empowering the brown and black community to embrace their full existence. Travel the chosen medium to the message of self care and prioritization.

Almost Vegan Po'Girl

which of course is the blog that you are now on that will be journeying my forever transitioning vegan / plant based diet, nomadic lifestyle and wellness practices.


I will be posting meals and travel tips, linking my quick guide to a healthy lifestyle, and doing travel consulting for solo, single mommy, and group travel. Down the line I will be hosting a pop-up class speaking to you guys about creating an exit plan for your life with a get away option.

I am FlowerChildFibre
The Almost Vegan Po'Girl
Odyssey Lifestyle Coach
Yoga Instructor
Spoken Word Artist
Youth Mentor
I am struggle
 I am beauty 
I am perfection
I am pain 
I am desire
I am savagery
I am strength
I am loneliness
I am weakness
In spite of it all
I am also
Still Alive
Because I am EVERYTHING….
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