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May 1, 2021 - May 31, 2021

3.1 For 31

  • 31Days
  • 49Steps


The program was created to encourage dedication to self and promote mental/emotional wellness while being physically active. By simply going along with the calendar months that hold 31 days we are stopping the excuses surrounding when to start. There’s literally no reason not to show up. This program is for runners and non runners alike. This program was created because I personally needed something bigger than me to push me to stick to something and get out of the habit of saying ‘tomorrow’, ‘later’ or ‘next ....’! Join Odyssey Lifestyle Wellness Group on FB if you’d like community support while participating in the upcoming March Dedication Program. Use the hashtag #odysseyrun​ #31daydedication​ and #dedicatedtome​ when posting to social media.

You can also join this program via the mobile app.





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