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2020 Through My Travel Lens

Reflecting on 2020 through a travel lens:

Brought in the year in Virginia Beach - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Left Virginia Beach June 13 headed to Atlanta for 2 weeks - RUNNING FROM COVID

Spent a month in New Mexico June 18 - July 18 - THE MOST RELAXING TIME EVER

Went to Dallas for a week on the way from New Mexico - STOPPED TO VISIT FAMILY

Went from Dallas to New Orleans to rearrange storage and prep for next grounding move - YIKES

Went to Houston for a week - BECAME A DOGGIE DOULA (more on that later)

Back to New Orleans for CSEW birthday and lots of doctors appointments

Then BACK to Atlanta for 2 weeks before heading to Philadelphia - 8 MONTHS OF GROUNDING

I put a lot of miles on Vanilla Bean Lilly here in 2020 from June to October.

She needs new tires, a new windshield (NEW MEXICO HEAT IS NO JOKE), and new windshield wipers (PHILADELPHIANS ARE RUDE)

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