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3.1 for 31 (5kaday) March 2021

So here we go, guys.

3.1 for 31 starts back up THIS WEEK!

Like tomorrow - MONDAY 😬😬😳.

And look, the commitment to working out since it's been cold has been...

Less than consistent. Well almost non-existent.

That's if I'm being honest of whatever!

So like I said; HERE WE GO!

In case you don't know was 3.1 for 31 is...

It is a dedication program that I created through my business;


It's a really simple program that requires a bit of time management and A LOT of dedication to self.

The Rundown

So every month of the year that holds 31 calendar days you are responsible for walking, jogging or running 3.1 miles. Periodt.

I love it because it’s a built in accountability partner.

The only way you fail is if you go out of your way to do so.

In the past i’ve had to add days onto the end of the month (going into the next month) to make up for excuses I thought were important enough in the moment.

There are tracks to choose from;

walk 5 days run 2 days OR run 5 days walk 2 days.

But if you want to do something more fitting for you, go for it!

As long as you are out there 31 days straight walking, jogging or running 3.1 miles.

I walk, old man trot and run in the same workout!

Because most days - THATS WHAT GETS ME THROUGH.

Some days I interval run.

Other days I track speed and distance.

This is what I will be looking like tomorrow after months of 'taking it easy'.