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Start Date: January 27th, 2020 End Date: April 11th, 2020 Current Book: Brief Answers to the Big Questions by Steven Hawkings Diet: No Wendy’s or Taco Bell (Fast Food)

Why: So much went into the decision to do the 75 Hard mental toughness program but the biggest and main thing was me being tired of my excuses winning. Anytime I’d say things I was going to do – I created a longer list of things that had to be done first.

February Plan (Tentative)

Monday – Saturday: Drink half a gallon between 11pm – 7 am, take picture, 45 minute walk, read, 45 minute yoga, water

Sunday: Drink half a gallon between 11pm – 7 am, take picture, 45 stairs, read, 45 boxing, water Two dance classes a week

Want more info on the 75 Hard Mental Toughness Program follow the link to Andy’s Podcast

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*Bare with me while I get caught up on life during and since Summer 2020 quarantine* I started 75 hard on March 1st which made my official end date May 15th, 2020. I, however, invited a friend along a

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