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So last I left you guys I was in a very hurt place. I was dealing with a break up of sorts with someone I almost had but wasn’t mine (yeah, I know!). I was dealing with a loss that I did not know how to shake back from. Said loss ultimately made me fail on day 30 of my first attempt at #75HARD. My heart was broken on two different levels but it was all my fault when it boils down to it. I learned so much in such a short amount of time within those first 30 days of doing the program that it wasn’t a question of if I’d restart it was just a matter of what day.

It ended up being a necessary loss, a necessary fall, a necessary fail, but an all around win! I got up from that L, restarted on March 1, 2020 and haven’t looked back since. Today, at the time of writing, marks day 69 of my #75HARD attempt number two and I couldn’t be more strong minded. I am 100% more focused on what needs to happen next.

This is such an interesting time for me to be doing the program! For those who know me in person know how connected to the Earth I am. Everything that is happening right now with COVID-19 and Mother Earth; her making the ultimate sacrifice of healing herself is such a beautiful thing. Going through this wonderful and amazing program while also building my wellness programs has me feeling super in-sync with momma.

There are a few struggles that I am facing currently within the program:

Making the time to sit down with me and my business is the biggest. I know the purpose of my business. I know the focus of my business. I have the drive. I have the motivation. Somehow I am still stuck somewhere though! I think it’s an internal thing more than anything as I am going through a hard reset right now with #75HARD Wellness Program. I believe the effects are simply showing up in ways that I didn’t expect them to. In certain moments I feel the weight of inadequacy in areas that are not my strong suits. Things like me not being tech savvy enough to build an app on my own. I recognize those feelings are completely normal and soon I will be building a team so others can do the things I can’t.

Building a multi-program wellness platform isn’t an easy thing to do but that’s no excuse! For me personally, that is no reason to not be still taking strides toward the goal! So with that I’m gonna get on my shit because I have to.

With Love,


The Almost Vegan Po’Girl

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