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Almost Vegan Po’Girl

Hi guys, I am ‘Almost Vegan’ Po’Girl.

Thank you for joining me on my blog. Please bare with me while I make the switch from WordPress to Wix! If you follow me on any of my social medias (linked below), you were there when I committed myself to a strict vegan diet in 2017 from August 1st – November 1st. Whew. IT WAS FRIGGIN AMAZING! *The WHY will be in another post* It was touch’n’go during the last 2 weeks of the challenge but overall there wasn’t much missing meat, dairy, or eggs (or derivatives). After the original 90 day challenge in 2017 I went on to eat a vegan diet for 6 months in 2018 and 6 months in 2019. I looked at it as 2 things; a internal cleanse for me and a chance to do something to ease the environmental strain.

Let me clear one thing up now (politics); I am not A vegan! I eat a mostly plant based diet but leave room for traveling and exploring new foods while doing so. That is where this blog comes in. As I travel I will blog of the amazing vegan and non vegan foods I try and dishes I create at home. Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel, follow me on IG @odysseyofflowerchild and search Almost Vegan Po Girl on Facebook for the more current happening on my Odyssey.

Again, Welcome.. I look forward to sharing this part of my life with you guys.

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