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Amazon Prime Update


You remember when I said I'd update y'all on what its like to finally be PAYING for Amazon Prime and if I thought it was worth it.

Child well look, lemme tell you.

I may as well get on first name basis with the delivery drivers at this point because


I don't know what it is about once you pay for something; all of a sudden there is an instant need to make sure you're getting your moneys worth.

In this instance its kind of like; I’m spending a few dollars just to spend a couple hundred on top of it every month.

But that's my business I suppose.

The things we do for next day delivery and and little music streaming...


As promised, I am going to be reviewing the 3 items I linked in the last Amazon post.

In case you missed what those items were, no worries, I got you covered.

Up first is the Cirago Juicer:

Price: $106 before $20 discount


The color is not so spectacular (apple green) but who cares; as long as it works.

* I didn't buy it for aesthetics - it was not meant to match my kitchen décor for the spring*

I did alot of research on different types of juicers before settling on this one;

I needed something that was strong enough to get the juices out of hard fruits/veggies but wasn't going to leave me feeling like there was more juice to be squeezed out.

Gimme all the nutrients.


Set up is super easy.

There are direction inside the box so if you need them PLEASE use them.

I am, however, a picture person so looking at the box and one of the diagrams was enough for me to get it put together on the first try. #thechampishere

Once it was all locked into place I took a step back and admired my work.

It is a beauty.

In all the excitement - I got right to juicing.

(I cleaned it as I took each part out.)

I made an apple juice, a cucumber juice and a carrot juice.

The apple juice was best - two green and 1 red.

Up next are the glass jars:

Price: $29.67 (after taxes)

Did you go look at them?

Aren't they pretty!?


The glass jars are stunning.

Super thick, nice quality.

I love the sleeves they came in; very convenient.

When I first opened them I cleaned them with baking soda and vinegar.

They come with a bottle cleaning brush so that's cool.

Nitty Gritty:

I want so badly to recommend them to you guys...

They are so nice appearance and quality wise.

I just cant in good faith and here's why.

5 out of 12 jars came without the rubber piece that secures the lid at its base so 3 jars have already shattered.

When I noticed it was a repeat problem, I inspected each glass and left a review stating my findings.

I didn't get a response from the seller.

Honestly, I left it alone after that.

I did not reach out to the company further.

Man, I want to say run out and buy them...

Hell, I want to buy some more and hope for the best.

I love the jars, I do.

I'd just love them more if all the parts came with them and I didn't lose 3 bottles in the first 2 weeks.

But what are you gonna do!?

Lastly, Bottled Joy:

Price: 21.19 (after taxes)

I absolutely love this water bottle.


When I was doing #75Hard I had to drink a gallon a day.

Everywhere I went I just kept seeing this bottle.

At some point I fell in love with the idea of having it myself.

Since finishing the program last year I have not kept up with my gallon a day.

(honestly my body doesn't need that much water)

Anyways, I still wanted to get it as a way to encourage myself to at least get back to drinking water more frequently.

Even now, I need to be more consistent.

Has quarantine changed things or what?

All The Things:

I cleaned the bottle as the instructions recommended; baking soda and vinegar.

If you purchase please pay attention to the bottle when it says not to pour hot things in.

(They give a specific temp not to exceed)

I would boil water (yes I'm ghetto let it go) let it sit for a couple hours before pouring it in.

Afterwards, I would literally set the gallon outside to chill before work, grab and go.

Think Philly nights, cold and snow.


When I received the bottle there was a slip inside advertising a $10 credit when you review the product and email them proof...

I did both and didn't get my $10 credit.

I'm not tripping because I was purchasing anyways.

Happy bonuses that don't pan out don't make or break the enjoyment for me.

The bottle is definitely worth it.


So that just about wraps up my first Amazon Prime Purchase Review and the swipe that started it all. This 3 items in 3 days event sparked something inside of me that I have yet to be able to stop. Since that first knock I've been hooked. Someone SAVE ME!

Disclaimer : I am the person who looks to the comments first. Even before looking into the complete details of what I'm buying I'm looking to see what people are saying is wrong with it (what could break) so I can factor the possible risks into the price. Remember, its all about managing expectations.

Just this week I was gifted the cutest pair of teddy bear slippers. Before I gave the go ahead on the color I wanted I'd already known the biggest downfall was that the little tail may fall off. I weighed that into how badly I wanted them and how much they cost and I can say... 3 days into having them I came home to a cute little bushy bear tail on the floor next to my brand new slippers. I made a pouty face for two second and smiled because I KNEW it was a possibility. I factored in the risk of the purchase beforehand. For me; the tail isn't what made them cute. I had a purpose for them and with or without the tail they look the way I need them too so I am happy.

Upcoming Post:

Stop chasing motivation and giving yourself reasons NOT to start your wellness journey.

I know now as I knew before; you don't NEED to buy anything to start your journey to wellness. Sure there are items that have the potential to make things easier but I assure you - nothing but yourself will make you show up and do the work. A new juicer is fine. New workout gear and weights are the perfect addition. But if you're waiting on those things to arrive in order to start... Take my advice and just START!

Until Next Time,

Po'Girl Out ✌🏿

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