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Anxious Kid : Scared Mommy

Most people don’t know my son and I in real life.

Meaning, most people don't know our struggles as a familial team.

If you follow me or my son on social media you see us living a pretty dope life of traveling and fun.

And while that is our life together we also have a shared worldly problem: SCHOOL!

Things have been increasingly difficult since he has been enrolled in formal school over the past 4 years.

He’s in 3rd grade now so that means the school setting has been a rough spot since Pre-K.

We struggle every single day with one thing or another and let me tell you -

I AM VERY IMPERFECT as a mother dealing with him, his humongous personality and his diagnoses all together...

I just love on him as best I can...

I pray to God and everybody else that loving on him means a damn.

Even when I’m frustrated...

I aim for love.

Those are the normal days.


B U T T O D A Y.

Today was scary.

I wasn't even almost prepared for what happened.

Watching my baby's skin change color as he gasped for air in the midst of an anxiety attack.

In case you flew past the 3rd grade part - he's all of E I G H T years old.

Watching him cry out of fear and bang on his chest while not comprehending any of the calming words I was saying...

It was a lot, to say the least.

Today was terrifying for both mommy and child.

As a social work major, yoga instructor and lifestyle coach who practices mindfulness and meditation...