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Business Accountability Group & Updates

Being an entrepreneur is not easy.

Like, you either do it or you don't kinda not easy.

In My Personal Life

For someone like me who lives in a state of detachment from just about everything...

The follow-through portion of most things is a little iffy.

(Because there is no attachment to the result either way)

With that being the case; what I have realized recently is:

I'm not a solo act kind of entrepreneur.


And I don't think it's a weakness to recognize that about myself.

The idea of needing a team isn't due to lack of capability to finish but instead - my investment level is tied to being a motivating force to others more-so than to myself.

**As a Cancerian woman (don’t go running now), I thrive on helping others grow! It is a downfall in situations like this**

Obviously, year one of doing this thing, I don't have a team so I have to figure something out as I navigate the entrepreneurial world.

For that reason, I came up with an idea to use my natural gift of motivation to get what I needed for myself and my business.

Yall know I am ALL about creating situationals and conditionals...

That said, I created a way to push myself while pushing others too.

From June 16th to July 16th of 2020 I hosted a 30-day business accountability group.

I pulled a group of my associates together (but worked with them one on one) and got busy.

We set weekly and daily goals and crush them one by one, together. Within the month I legitimately established my brands:

Odyssey WorldWide LLC.

Odyssey Prana Asana

Odyssey Lifestyle Wellness Group

I opened business and personal bank accounts to work out of for each as well.

The other members of the group did the same.


Then came the COVID blues... After the 30-day accountability group, I lost the fire to continue on.

When I say lost, I mean it all came to a CRASHING HAULT!

There were a lot of things happening at the time with covid claiming lives, people being murdered, cities literally burning, my family unit relocating, and getting settled in with new realities.

I was devastated.

I felt like I completely turned my back on myself, my goals, and my passions.

Throughout that time it felt like I simply could not stop letting myself down.

I knew at the same time that I couldn’t go out like that.

These businesses have literally been apart of my dreams since forever ago.

As winter was approaching I turned those feeling into a 3 part series version of the 30-day business accountability group from the summer.

I figured if I just had something bigger than me to keep me accountable then I’ll pull out of the COVID blues.

I took a month to take inventory and got back to it.

Update on all the things:

Since January I have finally, after YEARS of saying I would, started my lifestyle blog (Po’Girl Odyssey) which includes all the journeys within this odyssey of life.

nomad life•travel•vegan lifestyle•yoga practice•motherhood•writing•etc

That includes business endeavors:

yoga business•doula service•lifestyle coach•blog

I will be launching a store on the site in the coming weeks as a joint project with my son.

I have created more content than ever and don’t see a slow down approaching 🤞🏾.

Wellness Wednesday will be coming to the blog and socials in March.

#BuyingBlackIntentionally will be launching a pledge / sign up initiative.

I wrote my first children's book apart of a series about confidence and power associated with names.

All the current wellness programs are ready to roll out for 2021:

3.1 for 31 - Cardio Based Dedication Program

22|22|22 - Habit Cultivation Program

Accountability Groups - Weight-loss and Business


CREATE. LAUNCH. GROW. 90 day accountability group will be launching this spring via Odyssey Lifestyle Wellness Group.

Please reach out about joining by clicking the link under the business page on the site.

I look forward to helping you along your way as I navigate mine.

No matter what stage of creating and curating you are at; it may be beneficial to have people there backing you up.

I like to keep groups under 10 people simply because I am very 1 on 1 with everyone.

Po’Girl Out. ✌🏾

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