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Buying Black Intentionally

2021 is here.

Before the New Year came in I made a promise to myself to shop black once a month this year.

I know that sounds small but it's more than what I have been doing.

For someone like me, unless a black person owns the electric, water, gas, or sewer companies - they haven’t seen too much of me.

Outside of personal hygiene, travel and wellness products I don't spend money.

I could call myself a minimalist but I am not even almost. I have plenty of STUFF...

My STUFF has been accumulating over the past 10 years; here with me and in various storages across many states.

As of the past 5 or 6 years; I just don't spend extra money on things I don't need.

I don't have any outside habits to spend on and I am not in the business of 'wanting' things.

So that leaves me with not wanting or needing much outside of the basics...

So that's where I’ll start.

The Essentials:

A 2021 Panner - I need a good planner to keep track of content creation and posting days.

Tampons & Pads - I am allergic to cotton tampons and pads (something about the additives). Masks - Time to restock on masks. The blue/white medical one have scratched my face up.

Cleaning Products - I’d love a powerful but not so harmful line to support.

Herbal Tea - Morning tea is a must for me.

3 Wick Candles - I give B&B $22 plus tax every month!

Skincare Products - Between PHL and eating meat again my skin has been breaking out.

HairCare Products - My son and I need something that locks in moisture because...

Yoga Clothes - Honestly, what else am I expected to wear? I am a yoga instructor...

Self Defense Items - I workout at the wrong times, my family stays worried and I can’t run with a gun so it would be wise to invest in some easy to carry buss your eye if I have to type things.


So those are 10 things I know I need.

I will post when I purchase them on social media but will create a blog post about my experience using the product as well.

I am all about support so if you guys have any businesses you think I would benefit from please send them my way.