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#BuyingBlackIntentionally First Quarter

Less than halfway through the year;

Only 4 months in to be exact and I have just made my 6th purchase for #BuyingBlackIntentionally .

Did you read that, SIXTH pooh!

At the start of the year I said I would support 12 black businesses; purchasing something once a month.

The goal was to replace my normal 'basic necessity' Walmart runs with black companies that had black faces, black hair and black bodies in mind.

If the first quarter of the year is any indication of how the next 3 will go; I'm on track to have supported 24 black owned businesses in 2021...

Chillddddd point me in the direction of where the money reside cuz baby, Ima need it if I'm doing all this for the next 9 months!

If I plan to keep this up I going to have to remember to put orders in well before I run out of things as I am noticing small businesses take longer to ship things off.

That is absolutely no shade; just an observation after shopping with 6 different businesses in a 3 month span.

Some packages come within 1 or 2 weeks and others... Well, I will keep you posted.

Y'all know I’m an Amazon Prime member now (insert boujee smirk) so I may just be spoiled into thinking 2 weeks is a long time.

Not as if they should be compared to Amazon or Walmart with shipping times - I just have to plan ahead.

So far I have deodorant, sunscreen, skincare products, haircare products, feminine hygiene products and business essentials.

Baby I feel like I got it all!

I've literally checked off half of my list for the year.

I have only used the planner and the pads so far so product so reviews are being held off until I get the haircare and skincare in.

The sunscreen will be used in Miami in 18 days!

Mini Review:

I am sold on The Honey Pot Herbal Infused Pads so I need to make my next purchase before FLOW decides to show up again.

Everything else is still too new to proclaim myself a lifelong customer or has yet to arrive but I have high hopes.

Stay tuned and remember to BUY BLACK INTENTIONALLY !

Po'Girl Out

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