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Finally a Good Mom

My son congratulated me on finally being a good mom for the day.

How crazy is that?

To my knowledge, I was a good mom just about everyday.

I mean, I had my moments like all parents do but I'm a good mom.

That's a fact I could bet my life on.

So what the hell was he talking about?



To give a little context;

I didn't want to watch him play Minecraft for the millionth time.

So when he asked...

I said 'later' as in 'when I get done working'.

But instead of there being a later, I kept myself busy with my work all day.

Outside of meal times - I stayed in the room.

Between the two of us:

That was one of the most productive work days I've had in a long time!

When I joined him in the living room he said it.

"Congratulations...You're finally being a good mom for the day!"

Shocked is an understatement.

He said it so intentionally.

It's like he'd been wanting to say something all day.

I felt like I was under attack by my own child in my home.