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I Completed 75 HARD

*Bare with me while I get caught up on life during and since Summer 2020 quarantine*

I started 75 hard on March 1st which made my official end date May 15th, 2020.

I, however, invited a friend along and added an extra 15 days to the end to help push her along the way.

The second attempt at 75 Hard Mental Toughness Program was complete and utter FIRE!!!

I did it dammit! Do you hear me... I DID IT!!!

It was a little difficult doing the program with another person as it's not easy to keep your individual journeys separate when something comes up.

My friend lost sight and went astray about halfway through and I was disappointed.

Acknowledging that feeling as it came made me take stock of my goals... and buckle down harder.

I finished the program strong and went into the summer confident of self; knowing that whatever happened during quarantine could be fixed with dedication.

I had high hopes of going on to Phase 2 & 3 but with all the uncertainty of COVID and being in a case state I decided to just start fresh in the new year.

With that said, here I am planning out the year ahead with 75HARD (Live Hard) and my 2 wellness programs in mind.

Odyssey Lifestyle Wellness Group will be promoting / hosting 22.22.22 Habit Cultivation Program and the monthly Dedication Program 3.1 FOR 31.

If you want more info on either program you can follow the IG @odysseylifestylewellnessgroup or request to join the Facebook group - Odyssey Lifestyle Wellness Group .

The website is currently under construction so please bare with me!