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Can you imagine?

Going through 30 days of drinking a gallon of water. 30 days of working out twice a day – one workout being in wind, rain, and anything else. 30 days of not eating your favorite food. 30 days of reading. 10 pages of a book that irritated me a lot might I add! 30 days of no alcohol. 30 days of taking pictures of myself just to say I did!

Can you imagine investing 30 days into yourself, knowing you’re almost halfway to the finish line and FAILING! BRUH!

My feelings were so hurt when I realized that failing was not only a decision that had to be made but the only one that made any sense in the moment.

Just so you know what happened…

I completely dropped the ball! I went to work after a very long, stressful, and emotionally charged day. I’d only had 1 task left to do…. But I dropped the ball. I only read 6 out of my 10 pages.

When I got off at 7 am I started on my next day as if I’d completely everything the night before. When I went to read my book between workouts I’d realized that I didn’t finish the night before and the new days outside workout and water consumption was now done in vain.

The reason I decided to make that my fail day and start over was because I had a 10 hour drive ahead of me so there was no time to restart the day. There was either no time or I didn’t have the will. Either way starting over anew seemed the best thing to do. I could have read the pages and kept going but I felt I would be missing the lesson in it all.

I failed #75HARD on Feb 27th – day 30.

I made up my mind that day to make MARCH 1ST my new start date.

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