Moving Again - Nomadic Lifestyle

Oh dear, here we go.

I recently made the big 'where too next!' announcement.

And of course the messages start rolling in.

People see my 'big moves' on social media or hear where my son and I are headed next and I immediately start prepping for what's coming.

Tons of questions.

Then the four words I dread hearing...


I get asked in everyday life how I live the way I do.

*In case you don't know - my son and I lead a pretty nomadic life*

We are always somewhere doing something for a short or extended period of time.

Naturally, people are curious how we pull it off.

But instead of answering the question asked; I answer the question I think they MEAN to ask which is:

"How are you COMFORTABLE living the way you do?"...

The answer is super simple: I trust myself.

Now is when you say, 'but that's not what they asked' they asked 'how'!

Here's the thing: I've answered 'how' and received the same follow-up questions so many times that I just know that's not what you really want to know.

Everyone knows that in order to live how I live - I work, I save, I plan, then I execute.

There are 7 streams of income; I have to have at least one!

That's how things work as an adult...


People want to know how I am okay with uprooting myself and my son to go to random cities, states, or countries for weeks and months at a time.


People want to know how I just get up and go - with seemingly no warning to the world and what looks (to them) like no pre-planning at all.

And here's the answer ONE MO GEN...






There is no version of life where I fail so permanently that I lose all trust in my ability to try again.

___________Read that again!___________

The worse that can happen is a chosen destination is not for me / us!

In said case we re-evaluate needs/wants and plan for the next destination.

It's that simple.


But for those who need the 'how' answered further:

I have been working since I was 15 years old.

Working 2 jobs since 16.

Then 3+ jobs somewhere around 19.

I am no stranger to working (overworking).

Getting a job has never difficult for me so I simply don't let THAT be the thing to stop me from doing anything I want to do.


If I want to go somewhere or experience something - the words spoken will not be "BUT MY JOB".

If I want to travel the world or move to a different state I will not make GETTING or NOT HAVING a job the issue because I work in context of goals. #conditionalworker #situationalworker

Living the best version of life that I can dream up is my responsibility.

So if I want to get somewhere. I just make it happen.

I've created an easy formula that can be repeated an infinite amount times.

Here is a template:

Exit Plan Worksheet Blank
Download PDF • 43KB

..Incase you can't open file..

My goal is to move to ________________by ______________.

Cost of Living there is about ____________on the high end and ______________ on the low end.

The max I am willing to pay with utilities included is ___________ and without utilities is ___________.

They mostly have these type of jobs available: ______________________________________

(I look both in my field and toward my expertise - I have a lot of experience in a lot of different industries so I will always have choices)

I don't want to work ____________ .

(This is usually based on burnout from the last place)

*What can I do to make money while/instead of looking a job in my field or expertise?*



For me its very very simple.

Expect to be uncomfortable and have backup plans in place.

This shouldn't be too much different from what you have in place for your stationary life.

If your job starts laying people off tomorrow... You have a back up plan right?

Think of picking up and moving the same way but add the excitement of adventure.