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My Name Hasn't Been On a Lease Or Bill in Years

I haven't had my name on a lease or a utility bill in almost 3 years.

Yes, you read that right.

2.5 years ago I gave up the stagnant life of just working and paying bills to pursue something different.

I was at my wits end; completely unsatisfied.

Constantly struggling to fit pieces of my lifestyle (travel/passions) into my life was draining me.

I'm talking mentally, physically and emotionally draining me.

I found myself working jobs I knew I didn't want to work but couldn't leave because I had to pay rent at a house I was either never home to enjoy or didn’t enjoy being in anyways.

And on top of rent I had to keep the electricity, water, and heat on.



Please don't assume I'm saying I don't pay rent because I definitely do (rolls eyes).

Living, for me, just looks different than it did before.

3 years ago I was living the life you're supposed to live as a young adult.

Checking off all the boxes on my ever-growing list of benchmark accomplishments.

Job(s). House. Savings. Things. Money for Extracurriculars. Wellness.

All the things and somehow I had no spark for life.

I no longer spent energy on being creative; which used to drive my life force.

Whether is was the 'real word', lack of time or lack of motivation - I don't know.

There simply was nothing to my life but work, motherhood and the weight of lack.

This would soon leave me feeling unfulfilled and resenting the designated path.

It's a sore and painful topic actually.