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PolyGirlTalk - My Next Relationship


Let me tell y'all about my next partner.

I want to completely switch it up because there seems to be something missing and I think I may have finally found the right words to describe it.

So first, you know how people always say you'll never find someone to love you the way I love you...

Or on the receiving end of the statement...

I don't ever get the love I give out... I want someone to love me like I love people.


We all have different ways we express and receive love.

It's important to find out the way your partner(s) receive love before you just go showering them with things that they A. don't want or B. that don't hold weight TO THEM in the way YOU expect it too.

It has to be frustrating for a man to feel like he's giving his all in spoiling his woman but she isn't satisfied with 'something'...

It's the SOMETHING in comparison to 'giving my all' - that is the problem...

When my clients bring me their relationship problems I always ask...

Did you ask if that's what they wanted? Or do you know what they want instead?

It always boils down to communication or more often than not the lack there of!

So BOOM: I just touched on two things already...

Communication and attachment to expectations.

But back to me before I get too Lifestyle Coachy and lose you....

Me: I am a nurturer and a natural born motivator.

Like through and through; to my core; that's who I am.

As my partner, if you tell me your dream or something you're in serious pursuit of - it becomes my goal to help you see it through in any way that I can (respectful to my established boundaries of course).

I am just now realizing after 15 years of dating; that THAT trait is actually my biggest flaw.

My biggest flex but still my biggest flaw!

I found this out through a 10 year on again - off a again relationship with my ex fiancé twice removed. He actually turned who I am into a bad thing and said I hold him too accountable for the things he say; whether its basic talking points, his goals, or aspirations. He wants a cheerleader not a motivat