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So here I am.

Finally, after 9 years, exactly where I have been looking forward to standing.


BUT mid-pandemic weight gain may be the killer of the whole plan.

How tragic is that!?

I have gained 40 pounds since the pandemic started back in March.

The doctor told me I don't even have .3 pounds to spare between now and January 15's consult.

Problem is, since that conversation I went on vacation and ate everything!

If the doctor doesn't schedule the appointment until Feb 8th I will have a full 3 weeks.

That said I have to buckle down and get at least 7 pounds gone.

Starting tomorrow I will need to commit to a diet and workout regime and get to it.

I never thought I'd be this close and still have so much to do.

Especially after losing 20 pounds at the beginning of last year.

So here's the plan:

18:6 Intermittent Fasting Schedule:

Cardio before the window starts

Eat during a 6-hour window

Lift weights as it ends

The Food Plan:

Cut out meat

Eat breakfast every day; waffle/oatmeal/tea

Drink a gallon of water

Eat a salad

Drink vegetable broth (turmeric and ginger) or soup as a meal

Juice (get juicer asap)


3.1-mile walk/run (daily)

30-minute workout video (daily)

5 days a week: IG workout

Friday and Saturday at work:

75 squats, 50 crunches a day, 50 touchdown squats, 25 burpees, 2 minutes of side workouts

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