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In My Pockets But Not In Yours

People want to know the ins and outs of everything that has to do with my travel; the INS and the OUTS.

I understand and empathize with the curious place this comes from so I share what I can openly and freely.

However, 'what I can' doesn't seem to be enough because baby they be wanting moreeeee.

I'm talking WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW.

The questions are way more intrusive but you get the jist.

This post will address the biggest concerns and questions asked.

Lets Talk Planning:

In my sabbatical travel (1-3 months) whether it's a detox/self care trip or leisure trip I have a set budget.

Typically for housing accommodations I allot the average American (USD) cost of rent.

I am comfortable with spending up to $1,400 for a month anywhere because if I had an apartment in any major city in the states that is what I would be paying on the cheapest of cheap side.

On average I spend closer to $900 to $1,000 in housing because I don't want to work that hard for rent.

I leave wiggle room for special places with views, balconies or extra large kitchens and bathrooms.

*Note: The difference between my max comfort rent and my average rent is $400 - $500*

The bill money I would normally have to set aside for water, energy, and trash are allocated to living in these places verses just visiting.

I live in airbnbs so my 'bills' are storage fees and credit card bills.

*I use my credit cards as debit cards and pay them*

Hypothetically, two tickets to Hawaii come up to $1,400 and the stay for a month is also $1,400...

If I say that sounds good - lets book it, the next logical thing shouldn't be to ask questions that have logical answers..

‘You're spending $2,800 just to be there! What about FOOD?’

*Real Life Situation*

Now I'm looking at you weird because wheeettttt!?

Do you really think I would plan a whole month in another state or country and not account for food?

Knickknack money?

‘I need to gtf money!’

You think the essentials aren't preplanned at all;


I'm just heading out with a hope and a prayer.

I used to hear the elders say this in conversation so now it's my turn:

'Common sense ain't common!'

Crazy things is I've never looked at someone paying $1,200-$1,600 for a deposit, $1,200-$1,600 for first month rent, and $300-$500 to get utilities on and said:

'You spent all that money for a place to live; what about furniture and food?'

Minding the business that pays me always seems like a good way to go when other people money is involved.

But for the super curious folks who just can't:

As an adult, just like you, it is my responsibility to make sure I'm straight.

So, planning is key.

If I can't afford to eat at home - I can't afford to travel. #periodt

Pro Tip: Ask the right questions. Most people are willing to give free game.

I show my travel planning process and the work that goes into it so people know its possible.

I have given my followers the exact plan I used to make it all happen but that's not what people want.

People want me to coax them into making it happen and convince them they should open their world views just so they can tell me that its only possible because of my particular circumstance.

Meanwhile my 'circumstance' is just a matter of mindset.

I am a single mother, with no child support, no government assistance and no super dope online job.

But convincing you of how little I have so you can see value in yourself is not my thing.

If I attach a price to a course then make it a free 2 hour masterclass on how to do it all - it still wouldn't be enough.

Seeing change as a necessity versus an option is mindset work that comes before the actual plan.

I say all that to say; planning and executing is the easy part.

Unlearning the things that make you think you aren't capable is the work.

That's the pre-planning work that gets you where you say; you want to be.


That was an energy shifter; my bad, let us refocus.


The 'HOW' of What Goes Into My Lifestyle:

I've always been super blunt about how traveling is realistic for me as a single mom.

I try not to glamorize any of it because it's not all sugar sweet.

Travel happens to be my habit and my lifestyle so I am always living 'somewhere' but by legal definition I am homeless.

That's my story and I'm okay with it.

You as a grown individual have to sit with yourself and be real about how you want your life to look.

The model that worked well for me from 2016 - 2022 was:

Work multiple jobs half the year so I can take off the other half.

At that time I simply wanted to have enough money saved in the working months that I could sit and do nothing for 6 month and bills still be taken care of.

In reality I just took it down to one job (keeping the highest paying or my favorite).

During this time there was no excess money.

I had just enough to take 2-3 quick trips and chill.

That was fine until I realized I wanted to do something more with my time and ability to not have to work.

I had to sit with myself and picture the lifestyle I wanted to life (with my son).

In doing so I realized that even tho I'd figured out a hack for not working day in an day out;

I still wasn't living.

Here's a simple truth I encourage you to accept as soon as possible.

If you prioritize your at HOUSE life as if it's a LIFESTYLE then that’s where your money will go..

If it’s cars, clothes, shoes, alcohol or weed (that’s all your business) but that’s where your money is...

With that being the case, please don't say what you cannot do...

You are actively making choices that keep your life the same.

I spent 6 months a year chilling in my house realizing I was only working to keep the house.

That right there alone....


However much that worked for me during the time that it worked.....

I understand that it's not an ideal solution to most people so I'll lean in more and get straight to it.

I am more broke than you are...

I am 98.99% sure of it.

But yet, I TRAVEL more than you...

That's only because...



My annual 6 month sabbaticals woke me up to the fact that I don't want to work super hard just to pay bills at a house that I'm not in but to sleep..

So now.... I work to travel. #periodt

I make sure to have a job to afford a home for my son and my normal bills while we're stateside.

Every dollar after that is for Hawaii, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico and honestly wherever else the child dreams up!

Buying a house, a new car, or even using my career based (almost) degree are not priorities of mine...


My priorities and my habits are in the interest of the lifestyle I want to live not in maintaining a house life.

I am where I am because I live my lifestyle and my life fits into it; not the other way around.

That's a post all by itself so let me move on.


I get alot of:


But in reality, no you not and that's OKAY.

My lifestyle comes with detachment from things most people need in order to feel stable.

Stability today is prioritized and often defined by possessions / things instead of being internal and unwavering.

Normal people aren't ready to give up basic conveniences to be truly happy.

Most people aren't ready to say screw this job and make actual changes to get what their soul wants.

My spirit won't allow me to say ‘next year when my PTO adds up ima go to XXXX'

When I want to go somewhere I make a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month plan to get there and I go!

That means I have to have the kind of job that supports my spirit or be okay changing jobs when they don't approve my 'prepare the others' notice.

Nothing about my lifestyle is chaotic or messy; everything happens with a good plan and a lot of resilience (stuff be coming up).

**Some places require months of planning and saving.**

**Some places require mental or emotional preparation.**


Lemme Talk My Shit Real Quick:

You can do whatever you want... I swear it's easy!

Stop living by these whack ass outdated and preset standards of success!

Live your life or die with regrets...

Either way that’s your business and I'm happy for you...

My business keeps me busy enough.

On that note:

I do offer lifestyle coaching for those looking to make a change.

I also have a travel agency if you're looking to book a sabbatical trip of your own.

Be on the look out for my e-book coming soon.

The Exit Strategy For Your Life:

Plan. Execute. Live.

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