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Our Home is De-Schooling

Let me tell you.

De-schooling is not for the weak.

It's been 2 full months now and as much as everybody talks about THE CHILD and what they will miss out on from not being in normal public school...

Baby listen.

No one talks about the emotions and feelings that come from/with making such a BIG decision on behalf of your child.

Keeping my son in school and watching him struggle would have been the easier route to take.


However, easier and better are not the same thing.

Excuse me while I try to break a few generational curses here...


My son and I decided to begin our home-schooling / world-schooling journey with de-schooling.

At this point you're wonder what the hell de-schooling is right?

There's a whole world out there outside of traditional / formal education.

De-Schooling. Un-Schooling. Home-Schooling. World Schooling. SHEESSHHHHH.

De-Schooling is a period of time (set by you) used to allow your child to detach from traditional school functions and the 'normal' school day.

This time is typically unstructured and free (for the most part).

Warning: It's easy for children to get stuck at this stage with the increasing access to technology: PS4, XBOX and Youtube are their best friends and will turn into your biggest self induced critic if you let it.

That said, I highly suggest setting a timeframe on device use and the de-schooling period in general.

I also suggest adding extracurriculars to the mix; martial arts, trampoline parks, a sport, something. •Groupon is your friend•