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OK so look. I am just like most of the people in this country! I work full-time, I have multiple part-time jobs, I am a mother, a student, and an entrepreneur. I do all the things, right.

That doesn’t mean I bring in any large amounts of money or have anything that can/will make this journey painless. That means I’m simply surviving just like over half of this country. When I went on this journey initially in 2017 I said ‘Yo how the fxck am I gonna do this? Am I going to have to get another job just so I can eat”

Very early on I realized that stepping into the nondairy/ non-meat multiverse was going to take some patience on my part. Everything I’d ever heard was the same you probably hear which is eating healthy or a vegan diet is super expensive. It’s not hearsay; go to just about any grocery store and you’ll notice all of the healthy foods are about two times more expensive than everything else – making it almost immediately less appeasing to eye and pocket.

My first grocery store encounter had me worried! I’d never looked at myself as being poor prior to wanting to eat a clean diet but in that moment I really had to question myself and the journey I was signing up for. I couldn’t afford to eat the foods I knew were conducive to my health and staying alive. *More on that ridiculous truth and the mindset shift that broke me free of it in a later post.*

Needless to say, I did not go and get a third and fourth job because that would’ve been too much time away from my son. What I did do was think of the most absolute basic way I could eat a clean diet for 90 days and still live the life I was accustomed to. I ate fruits, vegetables, beans, grains. I learned how to make fresh sauces with nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables.

During my initial 90 days there wasn’t too much of anything that I ate that was extra special but everything was super good and super cleansing for my body. There was no moment that I felt like I’ve had given up anything or as if I was depriving myself of something that I wanted but couldn’t have. Everything was nourishing and fulfilling. There were a couple of times that I splurged I went for the frozen processed meat- like products. That was only when I wanted something like a meatball sub or burger, which were both really good. I tried the meatless grounds in spaghetti and tacos once but I didn’t like it enough to justify the purchase again.

Needless to say, I was very satisfied with my first 90 days of eating a strict vegan diet. My body and mind thanked me daily during the 90 day challenge and still to this day. To whoever invited me to challenge myself in 2017: Thank you – you pushed me to start another journey on my odyssey.

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