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Pre-Covid San Francisco Trip

As you know, I am no stranger to traveling. I will hop on a plane in a moment if you ask me to come to visit; whether I catch a good deal online or just want to try out some local food.

If I've never been to a place and I have the time... I will not make excuses for why I can't make it happen. That's just how I am!

So naturally, when one of my girlfriends tell me I should come to check out her city....

I'M ALL FOR IT - Confirming dates and comparing hotels before the conversation is over!


So, I flew Frontier for the first time. It was very reasonably priced for a quick weekend getaway. $210 round trip per person!

There was a super inconvenient layover in Colorado but for $210 there had to be a catch of course, right?

With that said, Frontier is like Spirits 1st cousin; from the same bloodline so they can't deny relation but still different enough where one is more tolerable than the other.

Yeah, definitely first cousins...


I am apart of the Marriott Family so I use my perks whenever and wherever possible.

If you travel often I recommend joining a hotel benefit program!

(not ALL of them).

*Later posts will show my favorite way to travel when traditional hotel deals aren't available.*

During this trip, I stayed at Courtyard Marriott Vallejo located right across from Six Flags which in itself was super dope!

I woke up to hearing the early admission pass holders riding before the park opened.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to use my season pass while there.


It was a $ 420-weekend trip so I didn't expect much going in.

I wanted to see my girlfriend, go to Six Flags and eat some yummy vegan food.

The most I had attachment wise to the trip was getting content for my son's YouTube Channel and content for Po'Girl Odyssey.

Looking at it now - those are pretty big attachments!

As the trip progressed it became apparent that I wouldn't be able to do any of those things so at the moment I told myself 'content can be re-planned and recaptured' as not to let it ruin the time with my friend.

That was the best thing I could have done - as being reactive goes.

Humbling Moments:

Although my expectations of the San Fran trip weren't high at all - I didn't get to do ANY of the 'extra' things I wanted to do.

My girlfriend was sick with something strikingly close to pneumonia; it was AWFUL!

She was weak and uncomfortable the entire weekend - which made us both feel bad.

I didn't want to leave her out of anything nor did I feel comfortable roaming around in the city on my own.

That's not to say we didn't enjoy ourselves, because we did, but it went completely different than expected.

One thing about humbling moments

They often reveal misalignment within self.

That's not to say I approached the trip with the wrong intent but I understand where it may have come off as 'que sera sera' in moments I really wanted to go with the original plan.

I should have been more honest with myself (and my friend) about how important going to Six Flags and trying out a few restaurants truly was to me.

I wish I knew how bad off she was so I could have made a backup plan.

*Always have a contingency plan because shit happens*

Had we both communicated better I would have been able to understand how sick she was, spent time with her where I could, and used transportation to do the other things I planned for as well. - I dropped the ball.

Lesson: No matter how silly your wants are. No matter how many other things are on the to-do list. When preparing to travel; sit down with yourself and manage your wants, needs, and expectations... If you don't do this simple thing there will be disappointment lingering in places there could have been understanding and resolution.


1. Mel's Diner (The Original Mel's) - So on one end it's just a normal diner. But we were there at 3 am so the customer service at club closing time truly made the experience. I will return to Mel's whenever I get back to San Fran. It was amazing.

2. iHOP - It was a very bad experience. Have you noticed most iHOP's are trash now that you are an adult? The service... I'm not here to bash. JUST HORRIBLE!

3. Chinese Cuisine - WOW it was delicious. I usually don't like fancy Chinese restaurants… I need the WAFFLE HOUSE of Chinese food... That's the only way I know it's gonna be good... But this place was fancy and exquisite.


1. Visited the 'Full House' house - oh the vibes... Everybody was rolling down the hills and having picnics. I mean the vibes were straight 90's.

2. Saw the Golden Gate Bridge - It was so beautiful I can definitely see going out there on a rooftop date. Sitting on the roof of the car and gazing up watching the sunset on the bridge. I'm so here for it when I get a Cali boo...

3. Twin Peaks - This was worth the drive to say the least! The picturesque backdrop of the city was amazing. It was a lot to take in but we spent a little over an hour up there before winding down the hill back home.

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