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Sitting Down For A Year

So it happened.

The child finally asked what everyone has been so worried about.

I knew it would come up in its own time and sure enough it did.

After almost 3 years of slow moving nomadic travel; my son has asked to settle.


It wasn't completely random.

A year ago he mentioned possibly changing HOW we travelled.

Instead of packing up the car and going state to state grounding down for 6-8 months at a time; he thought it'd be fun to pick a state every year and spend time getting to know all the cities within it.

Doing so would allow us to get to know different cities versus picking one and moving on without exploring what else there was to be seen.


I took this as an opportunity to let him in on the secret of how mommy makes our nomadic adventures happen:

The grounding trips (6-8 months) allow mommy to work and save for rent while we're there and for the next move.


The travel plan he came up with is not in the cards for us right now but it sits in the back of my head because I would absolutely love to do that.

How dope would it be to take a year to travel all of Florida versus just Miami or Pensacola.

Okay, Florida is a really bad example but you get it.

In order for this plan to be a reality I'd need to create more passive income.

Because who wants to change jobs that often really.

Applying, onboarding and background checks just to be somewhere for 2 months - that would get old.

In short, I need more money to finance my kids' super dope idea...

Because I want in!


The Funniest Thing:

Everyone was so worried about the 'lack of stability he has' and have created this idea of me 'dragging him across the world' and this is the type of travel he wants to do.

That's why minding your own business is always the best route.

It's laughable but that's for another post.


Back to his recently revised request.

A few months ago he started mentioning wanting a pet.

So I'm thinking, easy, A DOG...

Then my rational mind took over.

I would love a dog but where would it sit when we drive our packed vehicle across the country?

Do I get a bigger car? A truck maybe? Is that too much to put on a puppy?

At this point the pet idea is already seeming like too much.

I haven't even bought it yet.

The baby don't have a name or a collar.

No food or toys and I'm already in debt.

Before I could even voice my concerns - he says that he was thinking a fish.

Alright now.

A fish I can do.



Then he says, "Mommy can we stay somewhere for like a year next time we move?"

My kiddo is not the best with time so I have to put things into perspective;

He was sure of a year (birthday to birthday not 2 or 3 birthdays)!

I asked if there was anywhere in particular that he wanted to go as we were already headed West.

My plan was 6 months in San Diego and 6 month in Los Angeles.

He mentioned New Mexico as an option as he'd fallen in love with the place while we were there on our 1 month sabbatical summer 2020.

I gave an alternative option, which he loved, and boom...

After 3 years of nomadic travel - we picked a place to sit down for a year.

We are both super excited about what lies ahead.


So there you have it.

He asked, we talked, then came to a compromise just as I told everyone it would go when he brought up settling down.

I really do want to stress the importance of staying out of parents business when they have chosen the lifestyle that fits their family best; your opinions aren't valid in the upbringing of someone else's unit.

Do what's best for your family and let people alone about what they decide for theirs.

The key to anything is operating from a place of love and respect.

Everything I do for me in my life is with my son in mind.

I respect my sons wants and needs.

I understand why he wants to spend a year somewhere.

Being frank, this change in plan was only possible because of communication.

Understanding his why (because he's in my household) was important.

Him being open to communicate his wants and needs allowed me to take a moment to align myself.

We are both ready to sit down for a little while.

So busy planning our next adventure; I didn't notice it was something I needed.

I'll be sure to have us both write out some goal going into the new year with this new adventure attached.

Only time and 2022 will tell if 1 year is too long but here's to finding out and moving accordingly.


po’girl out ✌🏾

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Nomi Natnunyen
Nomi Natnunyen
Jan 03, 2022

We have a little dog we travel with. He's real little. I hear ya. We travel with our munchkin until he asks for Minnesota and then it's time to go hang out with granma for awhile. The world may think we are crazy, but isn't that what pushes us to create a better world. My mom moved around a ton when I was growing up and it gave me the confidence to travel the world.


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