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Sitting Down For A Year

So it happened.

The child finally asked what everyone has been so worried about.

I knew it would come up in its own time and sure enough it did.

After almost 3 years of slow moving nomadic travel; my son has asked to settle.


It wasn't completely random.

A year ago he mentioned possibly changing HOW we travelled.

Instead of packing up the car and going state to state grounding down for 6-8 months at a time; he thought it'd be fun to pick a state every year and spend time getting to know all the cities within it.

Doing so would allow us to get to know different cities versus picking one and moving on without exploring what else there was to be seen.


I took this as an opportunity to let him in on the secret of how mommy makes our nomadic adventures happen:

The grounding trips (6-8 months) allow mommy to work and save for rent while we're there and for the next move.


The travel plan he came up with is not in the cards for us right now but it sits in the back of my head because I would absolutely love to do that.

How dope would it be to take a year to travel all of Florida versus just Miami or Pensacola.

Okay, Florida is a really bad example but you get it.

In order for this plan to be a reality I'd need to create more passive income.

Because who wants to change jobs that often really.

Applying, onboarding and background checks just to be somewhere for 2 months - that would get old.

In short, I need more money to finance my kids' super dope idea...

Because I want in!


The Funniest Thing: