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The First Snow

So let’s talk about my first time driving in the snow.....

Not my first interaction with snow but my first time DRIVING IN IT!

Simply put: I didn’t like it... Not one bit actually.

It was the most beautiful sight to see when I was at home snuggled up by the window watching the first flakes fall with hot cocoa warming my hands.

It was even nice 2 hours later watching my 8-year-old bundle up and go play in the freshly ground coated snow.

However, all the beauty and cute kinda washed away when 10 pm came and it was time to start my journey to work.

Why hadn't it melted or something. It served it’s purpose. It was beautiful and cute...


Now there was ice under my tires and I was stuck in a spot between two cars that were way too close to my Vanilla Bean Lily!

I knew the hot water trick for the wheels but it was the first night of snow I assumed it wouldn't be ‘hot water under the tired bad’... I HAVE BEEN WRONG ONCE BEFORE 😶!

When I realized how badly I underestimated Philadelphia it was already too late to go back home to boil water.

So I spend 7 minutes creeping back and forth in the spot trying not to lose control each time the tired hit a patch of ice right outside the engraved tire marks.

By the grace of anybody who was listening to me; I was able to pull out without sliding into any cars on either side of me.


The first 10 minutes of the drive from my house to the expressway was the worst...

Driving well under 15 mph, I pretty much | h y d r o p l a n e d | my way to the highway.

Come 10 pm the roads hadn't been shoveled 🙄 but luckily they were empty...

I was trying my best to ride in the tire marks already impressed in the snow but that wasn’t the easiest.