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Gig Life - Life In My Hands

My lifestyle is just that.

A lifestyle.

I choose it everyday because it works for me.

I choose to not be in a corporate setting.

I choose not to have my name on a lease.

I choose to get up and go whenever I feel it's necessary to do so.

In the last post I touched on HOW my son and I are able to move around in our nomadic lifestyle.

I stated; I work, I save, I plan then I execute.

I even added a blank copy of the worksheet that I use to help me in the planning phase of things.

Listen; I don't want to make anything sound so easy that you think I'm saying LIFE won't happen...

You have to expect and even plan for hiccups along the way.

The idea is to fall in love with the overall journey and find comfort in the unknown.

For me, when I move someplace new there are 2 weeks - 4 weeks where I either have not heard back from a specific job or simply hadn't started applying for whatever reason.

In those weeks I turn to my true money maker; MY PHONE!

I use well-known apps and get paid as an independent contractor (1099).

I have paid for vacations, many months of rent, and tons of pop up expenses over the years.

That is all thanks to my transition to #GIGLIFE .

People wonder where my heavy trust in self comes from - how I know for a fact I won't fail or stay down too long - honestly this is why.

I know I can count on the steady uptrend of our CONVIENCE BASED SOCIETY.

There will always be money to be made if there are people who don't want to walk or drive to get food, groceries, supplies and anything else that may disturb their life.

If that's the case, why not gain from it somehow?

Below I have added links to 4 of the most popular apps I use; if you'd like start to making side money or temporarily replace a job...

You can sign up using my affiliate links.

Door Dash

Pros: The peak pay and flexibility are what make this app. I dash when there is a +$1.50 - $3.00 peak pay incentive which makes it so worth it. Also, I don’t have to commit to a full 8 hour shift so that's perfect.

Cons: They don't make it painless to reject bad orders.

It goes against your acceptance rate if you reject an order that is only $4-$5 (base pay/ non-tippers) or undesirable in anyway (distance).


I love love love Instacart. I don't dislike grocery shopping so naturally that helps. The best tip I can offer is to pick A STORE and make it yours. Someplace you are familiar with the layout and you know they get lots of orders. That way you can assure you’ll move fast and make more money.

Pros: Clients on this platform always tip. Its almost like they came with common sense or something. It’s actually pretty cool.

Cons: Their customer care support is all over the place. You will hear 5 different things from 6 different people.


Hidden Gem is all I can say. I enjoy working on the Roadie platform for quick jobs. Let’s say I’m in an area visiting; I will check the app to see if there are any orders needing to be delivered in the area I’m already going towards. Essentially getting paid to drive home.

Pros: They pay a fair price for distance driven. Airport pickups are a legit money grab if you're already close to one.

Cons: The wait times in Home Depot are super inconvenient.


3 words: NOT A FAN!

It has to be super slow on DD and IC for me to even look at the driver app.

Pros: Its an option.

Cons: They don’t pay well at all.

*postmates is now under UberEat:

Give me three or four weeks to play around with taking orders and I will update this again.

Broken Into Neighborhoods

DoorDash - Up && Coming Areas

Instacart - Gentrified Areas

Roadie - Tucked Away Communities (IYKYK)

Postmates - Don't even ride by the area.


Some of the apps above give discounts for car maintenance, cell phone service, insurance and other things. Make sure you look at all the benefits after signing up.


In the next blog post I will be letting you guys in on how I figure out where we go next. Not so much the final decision but how to come up with the list to choose from.

There are many things that play into it but it starts with introspective work. Sitting with yourself and figuring out was you want and need for your life and understanding how certain environments effect your wellbeing is key to how you move going forward.


po’girl out ✌🏾

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