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Philly Food Disappointment

So here I am!

In the City of Brotherly Love...

It's officially been 4 months into grounding and I have somethings to say:

I have been sent off and sent off and sent off.

And now I'm starting to get pissed off!

I am utterly more turned off each time I walk into an establishment and the food is...

Just there being nasty for the heck of it!

My God, I just cannot take it anymore.

I don't know if it's because I'm from the 2 best places on earth for food or if the cheesesteaks are just THAT bad.

** I am the person who will travel for food experiences, no matter how far.**

So when I knew I was moving to Philly I was excited for the infamous Philly Steak.

I just KNEW I was going to experience the best of the best because why wouldn't I !?

Things get named the best for reasons...

It's like going to Chicago asking where the best spots are for pizza or chicken.

Or going to New Orleans wanting to experience a po'boy, etouffee or gumbo.

The beautiful thing about these places is everybody has a favorite to recommend because the styles are different but there is a baseline of consistency at each...

The food is gonna be good!

It may not be your type but you don't ever walk away saying it was disgusting.


Giordano's deep dish with the cheese stuffed under the sauce may not be for you.